Performance Specification 16 (PS-16)

On 4-23-09, US EPA Performance Specification 16 (PS-16) for predictive emission monitoring systems (PEMs) was published to the Federal Register.  These system represent an innovative way of monitoring stack emissions in a fully compliant manner without the need for hardware and analyzers.

 Predictive emission monitoring systems (PEMs) can be used as alternatives to CEM systems.  Unlike CEMs, PEMs determine source emissions without measuring them directly.  These systems predict emissions using process parameters and know relationships between these parameters and emission concentrations.  They operate on principles ranging from simple combustion relationships to more complex computer models that are trained using historical pollutant data and process data.

 The EPA has allowed and will continue to allow the use of PEMs under the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) as well as under Clean Air Markets rules.  Sources using PEMs include industrial boilers, gas turbines, internal combustion engines and others.

 Performance Specification 16 (PS-16) sets the performance requirements for PEMs to meet in order to ensure compliance.


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