Predictive Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS)

Underscoring the flexible and open ended approach Trace brings to continuous stack monitoring requirements is the fact that in addition to providing traditional CEMs, Trace also offers the industry’s most reliable PEMs solution in the industry.

 Fully integrated with our DAS 2000 reporting software, the Trace PEMs algorithm module is deployed on a wide variety of sources and we guarantee compliance.

 Using a sophisticated, robust, and reliable statistical hybrid model, our Trace PEMs is fully compliant with the newly promulgated Performance Specification 16 (PS-16) requirements as well as with 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart Db and Part 75 (XML reporting format).

 For those applications suited for PEMs, you don’t have to go the CEMs route and thus you save significant upfront capital costs and ongoing support dollars.  With the PEMs approach you realize the following benefits:

  • No probes
  • No sample lines
  • No Sample Coolers
  • No Analyzers
  • No PLC
  • No Cabinets
  • No Calibration Gas Bottles
  • No Regulators
  • No Spare Parts
  • No Utility Costs
  • No Middle Of The Night Breakdowns
  • Adding Up To Significant $$ Savings For You!!

 Turn Off Your CEMs!

Do you have a CEM system that is 8-10 years old or even older?  Did you know that replacing your existing CEMs is one of the best applications for PEMs because we use your historical data that you’ve built up over the years?  This makes our PEMs model extremely robust and accurate and it means you’ll save upfront capital costs by not having to perform stack testing in order for us to build the PEMs model. 

Some benefits of replacing your CEMs with PEMs include:

  •  Significant reduction in operating costs (see above list of benefits)

  • No Risk Change-over: The Trace PEMs can run in parallel with your existing CEMs for as long as you wish so that proper functioning and data handling is ensured before you turn off your CEMs.

  • Guaranteed compliance

  •  Never Get Another 3:00 am Call About Your CEMs Failing

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