Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) 

Since 1995 we have been designing, fabricating, installing, certifying and supporting turn key CEM systems on a wide range of source types across many industries.  Using our expert and experienced staff of engineers, we review the permit and monitoring requirements and design and complete a monitoring system that is guaranteed to be compliant.

We purchase the appropriate components and follow our design drawings in fabricating the system in our fully equipped shop.  The CEMS are fully shop tested to ensure problem-free field commissioning and on going system operation.

 We combine the hardware portion of the CEM system with our industry best DAS 2000 reporting software to make up a fully integrated, complete system.


CEMSFlow 500 - Stack Flow Monitor

To further illustrate our fully integrated solution for continuous stack monitoring, Trace has proudly been utilizing our Pitot Style DP stack flowmeter on those projects requiring continuous stack flow measurement.  The CEMSFlow 500 is fully compliant with State and EPA requirements including PS-6.  For solid fuel sources or for those applications that have language in the permit specifically calling stack flow, the CEMSFlow 500 provides a reliable, accurate, easy to use and compliant solution to your needs.



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