Who we are

Trace Environmental is a collection of professionals with one thing in mind .... to provide the highest possible quality stack monitoring solutions and support services.

Trace was formed in 1995 by bringing together expertise in environmental engineering, process control and marketing.  Since that time we have provided well over 100 CEMS and over 200 data acquisition systems.  We have always strove to provide the best possible solution for our customers.  In the intervening years we have grown to an organization with twenty employees and customers throughout the United States and abroad.

Our DAS2000 data acquisition software (DAS) was groundbreaking when it was developed and remains the only user configurable product of its kind.  It is without question the most flexible and easy to use product in the market.

We pride ourselves not only on the quality of the solutions we provide but more importantly on the quality of our people.  It is always our intent to provide the best quality service available.

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